Parking area, bicycle parking, coin lockers

Parking area

Parking capacity 11 (inc. one handicapped space)
Note: Parking for the handicapped has no time limit.
Parking fee 400 yen per 30 minutes
Note: Customers who shop at Takumi-Kan are entitled to free parking tickets for 30, 60, or 90 minutes according to the amount of their purchase.
Note: Customers who dine at Artigiano will be given 90 minute free parking tickets.

Bicycle parking

Bicycle parking is provided next to the coin-operated lockers.
Please feel free to use it.

Note: Please park your bicycle so as not to obstruct the driveway.
Note: Please note that we shall not be liable for any theft or damage.

Coin-operated lockers

How to use

  1. Put your luggage in the locker.
  2. When you lock the door, first put a 100 yen coin into the slot on the side of your locker.
  3. Then turn the key to lock the door.
  4. When you take out your luggage, payment will be calculated by the fare adjustment machine attached to the side of the locker. The base fee is 400 yen (charged every 24 hours).

Note: Money changing is available at Takumi-Kan during opening hours until 17:00.